Run Out of Nail Polish Remover? Make Your Own With These 2 Staples!

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I’ve learned to keep a bottle of polish remover on hand beneath the bathroom sink now, but I wish I knew this tip the numerous times I’ve run into the problem of chipped/old polish that needed to be removed before a dinner or event with no remover in sight. This is also a nice and safe option that whitens the nails naturally, although it’s a bit more time consuming than the regular polish remover. If you’re trying to be gentle on your nails, try this out and see if it sticks.

DIY Nail Polish Remover


Lemon Juice

Basin of warm water

Cotton balls

Pour equal parts vinegar and lemon juice into a small bowl and soak a few cotton balls in mixture. Meanwhile, soak your hands in a basin of warm water for 10 minutes to loosen the polish a bit. Apply the cotton balls on the nail and leave on for 20-30 seconds. Wipe off the polish gently. Repeat if needed.

If you have several coats on and the polish is stubborn, you can also try wiping polish off with some rubbing alcohol, which is less harsh than regular acetone polish removers.

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