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New York Fashion Week 2017: Top 2017 Fall Fashion Trends & Best Runway Looks

In Fashion, Runway, Trend Report by Nataliya Ogle1 Comment

Whether you choose to follow trends or not, they’re helpful in gauging how your closet will look for the next 1-2 years. The 2017 fall fashion trends flow smoothly in transition from the spring/summer 2017 trends, giving certain trendy pieces an extended lifespan. New York is different from London. London is different from Milan. Milan differs from Paris. Each city has a unique aesthetic it brings to the runways. At the end of each city, we can recap individual trends and see what overlaps on a global scale. Those are the pieces that will be key players on Instagram and …

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The End of Jovani Catalogs on The Runways? 2017 Haute Couture Gowns Are Next-Gen!

In Fashion, Runway by Nataliya Ogle3 Comments

We’re so used to the idea of an Elie Saab couture gown, that a princess dress is the only thing that seems to pop up in my mind when I speak of couture. I think we all love feeling like a princess, but I’m SO craving something different and innovative in the couture world. After all, Couture made me love fashion in the first place. It pushes boundaries, so it stands to reason that we should get fresh whiffs of new ideas every season. It’s an opportunity for the dressmakers and designers to flex their outrageous creativity muscles! I get …

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New York Fashion Week 2017: A Journey of a Fashion Blogger Backstage

In Beauty Tips, Fashion, Runway, Trend Report by Nataliya Ogle1 Comment

You guys probably know how much I like backstage coverage. It’s an opportunity to rub elbows with the best of the best. Like, literally. It’s tight up in here! This season I’m back at it with some good ol’ Public School lovin’. Last season, Public School sat out NYFW and left us feeling a little bit depressed inside. By us, I mean me and my NYFW alter-ego buddy-friend blogger soul who ravages on anything pretty and cool. Pretty cool. I also covered an entire day of Nolcha shows this season in partnership with PocketLive.TV. Katya from StyleSprinter and I literally …

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How To Create Custom Photo Filters: Lightroom Presets Tutorial

In Blogging Resources by Nataliya Ogle2 Comments

I get SO many questions about my photo toning and what filters I use on Instagram. The short answer is I don’t use any apps to apply filters. My filters of choice are Lightroom presets that I’ve carefully experimented with and developed over some span of time. Related: How To Make a Cohesive Instagram Feed There are about seven presets that I use for my photos, depending on the exposure of the picture and the undertones/lighting. All of them have the same basis and the same filter that gets applied in Photoshop. Yes, I also have a Photoshop action that …

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New York Fashion Week 2017: Day 2 Challenge Accepted!

In Fashion, Runway, Street Style, Trend Report by Nataliya Ogle11 Comments

My first day of New York Fashion Week had a few firsts (Tadashi Shoji runway show instead of just backstage and Noon by Noor). My day two is all firsts. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone this season and letting less mainstream names fill my runway repertoire. Where’d NYFW go? Before I get into that, can we all just take a moment to mourn the loss of public transportation in our fashion week travel plans? As you may know, the shows moved venues YET AGAIN this season. It’s the fourth (well, 5th if we count MILK) major venue shift …

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New York Fashion Week 2017: My Packed Day 1 Schedule

In Fashion, Runway, Street Style, Trend Report by Nataliya Ogle4 Comments

What’s good my loves!? Day 1 of New York Fashion Week is DONE! AHHHH!!! What is this now, my 6th straight season as a fashion blogger covering NYFW? Before that, I went as a starry-eyed fashion lover and (sometimes) model. Mostly I went for the free drinks at the afterparties. Those were the days. Lucky for my waistline, I hardly ever do the parties anymore. That’s because I’m severely exhausted by the end of the day and have an early wake-up call nearly every day of the damn week. Fashion week is fun and games until you get a severe …

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Is 2017 the year of metallic clothes?

In Fashion, Personal Style, Street Style by Nataliya Ogle3 Comments

Does anyone know if metallic hair exists? there a dye that will turn my hair into a chrome color? That’d be amazing. I’ve been living in a chrome world so far this year. Seriously, my nails have been metallic, I obviously have metallic clothes, I have metallic shoes and bags. The Eastern European in me is ecstatic that it’s socially acceptable to look like I’m part of the Metal Men group. We like sparkly and shiny stuff. If you’ve been following my Instagram, you know that I’ve busted out my metallic gold top recently. My metallic puffer jacket is …

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How To Stay Motivated Blogging

In Blogging Resources by Nataliya Ogle6 Comments

Most people’s dream is to work for themselves, on their own time. But the biggest response I’ve seen from bloggers who try to do it full time is how hard it is to stay motivated blogging. Staying motivated is hard at any job. But, in a “structured” work environment we most likely have people who are holding us accountable, whether it’s the boss or co-workers who need certain documents by a deadline. If you don’t have the urgency, you won’t find much motivation to produce a lot of content. Working for yourself allows for a lot of flexibility, but you …