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This Is How To Write a Blog Post FAST!

In Blogging Resources, Career by Nataliya Ogle16 Comments

I’m the worst when it comes to creative writing. It’s not that I’m bad at writing, but it takes me a long time to come up with ideas and put them down on the page cohesively. With blogging, I sometimes need to write a blog post FAST to keep on schedule. This rushed process used to happen more often than I’d like, so I reorganized how I write and now have a ton of blog posts lined up for the weeks ahead. So what’s the easiest way to be productive and to make a ton of content quickly? It’s going …

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Discount Universe Blogger Style: My Love of Sequins Continues

In Fashion, Personal Style by Nataliya Ogle18 Comments

I mentioned earlier how much I’m loving sequins this summer, so I’m delivering on my promise of delivering some Discount Universe blogger style photos. Correction: Di$count Universe. I’m all about filling up my closet with unique pieces. If reincarnation is real, I’d like to come back as Daphne Guiness please (clearly, this reincarnation system would also have to fit within the context of a loop time-space continuum). Here’s the deal with my outfit posts going forward: I’m not going to include any affiliate links in these posts or tell you where exactly you should buy the stuff from. Rather, I’m going …

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Be a Better Blogger: How To Write an About Me Page That Demands Attention!

In Blogging Resources, Career by Nataliya Ogle36 Comments

How many “About Me” pages have you found memorable or exciting? Not surprising, considering a lot of people don’t know how to write an about me page effectively. For the most part, people think this is where they should talk all about themselves. Obviously, that’s what the title implies. Totally makes sense. But, you can totally be a better blogger by paying attention to your readers instead of yourself in your bio page. Talking about yourself is great, but you need to keep in mind what things sound like to your readers and what they get out of it. This …

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How To Take Good Pictures: The Blogging Way

In Blogging Resources by Nataliya Ogle22 Comments

I only got serious about photography in the recent years, and only when I started blogging. Never mind the fact that I took photography courses in college (view camera and regular film camera). I’m one of those people that randomly gets inspired and has creative spree days and then puts the camera down for a week while I edit and do other things. In my “off” days, I spend a lot of time learning about how the camera functions and learning more advanced tips for how to take better blogging photos. That said, there are basics that everyone needs to have …

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Commes Des Garcons NYC Vibes: Personal Style

In Fashion, Fashion, Personal Style, Shopping by Nataliya Ogle29 Comments

What was your earliest piece of clothing that you still find absolutely trendy, fashion-forward and a staple in your closet? Something that you may have had for years going onto decades and you still reach for? Mine is this Junya Watanabe for Commes des Garcons top that my mom got me on my 18th birthday. Forgive the lack of c-cedilla over there in the “boys section”, but I’m in no mood to find the character type-kit at the moment. I’m so incredibly proud of my mom for pushing her (and my) fashion boundaries and making sure I have access to unique …

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Fashion Blogger’s San Diego: Great Spots for Photos

In Blogging Resources, Personal Style, Travel by Nataliya Ogle27 Comments

My husband has been consistently going to San Diego consistently for about half a year now. By consistently, I mean every three weeks or so. I always want to go with him, but something always stands in the way (most of the time, it’s work events and obligations). I finally decided to make the time and wound up in SD with him a week and a half ago. Even though I spent most of the week working in the hotel, I still managed to explore a lot of the city and take plenty of photos. The beauty of blogging full …

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Upskirt Shots, Straddling Teenagers, Threesomes and a Whole Lot of Controversy: The Calvin Klein Saga

In Fashion, Street Style by Nataliya Ogle31 Comments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the latest in the Calvin Klein game: the glorified upskirt shot in the Erotica campaign. First, let me preface this by saying: what do you expect given the title? Second, are we THAT surprised? (Third, it’s OK if you’ve been living under a rock.) It seems like it wasn’t long ago that we heard news of Australia banning the Calvin Klein campaign featuring Lara Stone in the midst of a bevy of male models, suggesting a gang rape scene. And then before that, of course, we had the “Wahlberg-Moss …

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Blogger Street Style in San Diego, Part 2: Embroidered Dresses

In Fashion, Fashion, Personal Style, Shopping by Nataliya Ogle34 Comments

I’m officially back from the west coast and ready to tackle these NYC vibes that I left behind! Luckily, it warmed up here. So San Diego blogger street style can now easily transition into NYC blogger street style. Thank you, summer. I’ve been in the thick with NYC Style Collective duties (thanks to all the great NYC-based fashion bloggers for making this network grow so quickly) so I haven’t had much time to edit all the photos from San Diego yet, but I’ve been doing bits and pieces. This is one of them. Let’s take a moment to appreciate an …