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How To Make Money As A Blogger

In Blogging Resources by Nataliya Ogle8 Comments

I originally started my blog because I thought it’d be a fun way to try new products and see new things before they hit the market. I didn’t really consider earning money with my blog as a possibility. As I started to grow, I noticed more people asked me how I make money as a blogger. My first response was always ads. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s true. Ads are the surefire way to earn passive income. These aren’t necessarily just banners. They come in the form of affiliate links and brand partnerships. I’ll outline a few …

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Leave it to London Fashion Week to Deliver Edgy Looks and These Cool Spring 2017 Trends

In Fashion, Runway, Trend Report by Nataliya Ogle10 Comments

Every season I keep saying I belong in London. Judging by the London Spring 2017 trends we saw runways, I think I’m right. It’s edgy and youthful and just plain cool. The experimental nature of the designs and the pushing of boundaries with the trends resonates with me. That said, several of the trends have overlapped with the other cities, indicating a global shift toward lace up clothing and plenty of sheer fabrics. I’m not complaining, I’m all about some pretty sheer ruffles! London Spring 2017 Trends 1. Neutral tones/khaki: Can we thank Yeezy for this one? No? Ok. Plan …

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Reality Check: Let’s Talk About Blogger Burnout & How You Can Keep Yourself From Quitting!

In Blogging Resources, Career, Lifestyle by Nataliya Ogle14 Comments

I had a very cute little London Fashion Week SS17 trend recap lined up, complete with top looks and all, in order to continue my fashion month recap. Then, after spending 12+ hours a day on working on the blog, planning, brand relationship management, campaigns, social media, content creation, photo editing, emails, etc all in the last few days, I decided a piece on blogger burnout would be more appropriate. Especially after fashion month is finally over. It’s common to mistake burnout with exhaustion. Burnout is NOT just your regular day to day exhaustion. Burnout is a really debilitating state …

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What SS17 New York Fashion Week Trends Should You Be Getting? Plus, 160+ Top Looks from NYFW!

In Fashion by Nataliya Ogle1 Comment

I finally got a chance to sit down and go through all the Spring 2017 NYFW shows this past weekend! New York has a VERY extensive roster, and I almost look forward to finishing the task considering the number of show pictures there are to browse. Now that I’m done, I’m finally able to compile the list of SS17 New York Fashion Week trends! I’m still in the process of writing up my experiences from NYFW (I had a packed week), despite it seeming like it was so long ago at this point! Since starting this blog, my pride and …

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The Difference Between Blogger Events and Fashion Events

In Career, Fashion, Runway by Nataliya Ogle6 Comments

This article will be my last installment on my personal experience with NYFW. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’re probably filled up on plenty of info about what NYFW looks like for a blogger. This time around, I want to address an important distinction that many aspiring and new bloggers need to know: blogger events and fashion events aren’t necessarily the same thing. Related: What does a blogger actually do at fashion week? Knowing the distinction and realizing that each offers different things will help you manage not only expectations but also your schedule. You can be a …

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What Can You Expect Backstage at Fashion Week?

In Career, Fashion by Nataliya Ogle4 Comments

Did you think my NYFW coverage was over? Does a fashion week schedule dictate my editorial calendar? What did I do backstage at NYFW? How did I even get backstage and what do bloggers do backstage anyway? Do you like a paragraph full of questions? Will any of these questions be answered in this article? Yes. Yes, they will. The beauty of this blog is I write like I speak, and I speak with somewhat dramatic undertones sometimes. Anyway, let’s get this thing figured out. My overall questions here is what’s up with backstage access for bloggers, and I intend …

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Which Fall Fashion Trends Do You Need in Your Closet? 50+ Investment Worthy Pieces

In Fashion, Fashion, Shopping by Nataliya Ogle5 Comments

I’ve been carefully following the spring 2017 trends for the past month, and it’s fairly safe to say that, aside from velvet, most fall fashion trends carry over well into the next year. Like I’ve said before, I don’t buy specifically for the trend but for the wearability well into the years beyond. Besides, most of the things recirculate sooner or later, so it’s well worth an investment if you really like certain pieces. All that shopping goodness aside: OMG it’s October!! I know I’ve been kind of MIA over the last week. It might not seem like a drastic …

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What does a blogger at fashion week actually do? These 6 things.

In Fashion, Runway, Street Style by Nataliya Ogle25 Comments

Being a blogger at fashion week is a bit like being the kid in Charlie’s chocolate factory. Most don’t really know WTF is going on half the time, and they’re pretty much there to eat a ton of eye-candy. That said, all bloggers want to go, because fashun. I know this sounds like a complete setup, but I think it’s totally cool. Designers need to stay relevant and provide their audience with a glimpse of reality. They can do that by connecting themselves directly to an authentic audience and to consumers. There’s a reason why Snapchat became so wildly successful …